Types of Thread Rolling Dies

A Wide Array of Proven, Essential Components

In a specialized industry, Tesker helps ensure your technical success by providing high-quality dies that are optimized for your equipment and your application. Here’s a brief overview of the types of dies we’ve been crafting for years. 

Annular Dies

A sampling of the options

  • Flat Taper
  • Form Ground Taper (FGT)
  • Short Flat Taper
  • Short Form Ground Taper
  • Flat Taper Continuous
  • Form Ground Taper Continuous
  • Double Step-off

Infeed Dies

  • Plunge rolling die with the helix angle ground into the die
  • Used for general rolling of parts up to the length of the dies
  • Work piece rotates between the dies, but has little or no axial movement

Speed-up Dies

  • Increased productivity
  • Commonly used for all threaded rods from ¼" to ¾" diameter

Helical Slow Feed Dies

  • Reduce power requirements
  • For high helix work where part of the helix angle is ground into the die and the spindles are tilted for the rest of the helix angle
  • Feeds through at a slower rate, giving dies more time to form thread