Dies & Regrinding

In-House Services for Quality & Efficiency

Thread rolling dies are critical to the quality and the cost-effectiveness of your product. That's why Tesker, along with our Texas Die division, has put such an emphasis into manufacturing high-quality thread rolling dies, not just for our own thread rollers, but for most cylindrical thread rolling machines.
That’s the Tesker advantage.
The result is a single, convenient source in support of your thread rolling success.


Get to know the different types of high-quality dies Tesker can produce.

Die Regrinding

Take a look at our proven, cost-effective die regrinding process.

Thread Forms

  •     Vee
  •     Acme
  •     Worm
  •     Knurling
  •     "J"
  •     Metric
  •     Buttress
  •     Ball
  •     Multiple start
  •     Straight pipe
  •     Tapered pipe
  •     Coils
  •     Euro
  •     Special forms